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Welcome to our homepage

If you wish to receive your dental treatment from a highly qualified dentist in a surgery equipped with the latest technology BUT at a price of 50-70% cheaper than it would be at home...

If you are tired of waiting for months for an implant, replacement, root treatment, scaling or aesthetic reconstruction...

If it is important to you that dental treatment should come with a guarantee...

And if you would rather have your treatment in a relaxing environment combined with a mini-holiday...

Then we have the solution for you.

NEMESS Dental Clinic, with more than 20 years experience of successful treatments and satisfied patients in Austria, Italy and Germany, now welcomes patients from the UK.

We are situated in SZOMBATHELY, one of the most beautiful towns in Western Hungary near to the Austrian border with easy access from airports in Vienna , Graz and Bratislava.

We offer a full range of tailor made dental services at a competitive price in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where our top priority is our patients’ well-being and needs.

In addition to your dental treatment, we can also assist you with your travel arrangement and accommodation as well as a full array of holiday activities suitable for your needs.

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