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Nemessdent - Dental clinic
H - Szombathely - Tompa Mihály Str. 9.
Tel.: 00 36 30 640 50 29

Why us?

Our dental clinic employs a group of qualified dentists, hygienists and technicians who speak in German and/or English.

Who work to a very high standard using cutting edge technology and the latest equipment and material to provide you with an excellent service.

Our affordable prices are on average 50-70% lower than the ones at home (and there is no waiting list!).

We offer a 5 years' guarantee on all implant related dental works *

We offer free transport to and from the airports at Vienna, Graz, Bratislava and Balaton and in an area 170 km around Szombathely.

We can arrange accommodation for you in a hotel of such quality as you wish.

We can arrange a wide range of holiday activities for you.

* subject to terms and conditions


We prepare our treatment plan together with our patients ensuring that the proposed treatment will be completed during their stay.

Remember: 90% of the treatments and inlays can be done within 3-6 days.

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